Happy birthday sweet boy. You would have been 3 today. I can only imagine all the fun you’d be having with your sisters running around the farm, feeding the animals, riding the go cart, decorating gingerbread cookies… Yet none of that compares to what I imagine life being like in the presence of Jesus and the glory of God. While we run and play on open acreage, you run and play on streets of gold. While we prepare to celebrate the birth of our savior, you live that celebration every day. While we sing songs of worship and praise, you are looking upon Him. You, my dear Lukey, are where we strive to be. And though I’m reminded of your weakness when you were born, and of your short life here on earth, I find peace and joy in your new strength and in your eternal life once you entered the gates of heaven.

Christmas Eve is a joyous time, but it is bittersweet for us. We celebrate your life, and remember your soft face, your sweet smell, your blond hair and blue eyes. All your imperfections that were so so perfect to me. We look at your pictures and tell your sisters how you, my brave boy, beat the odds. How even in your weakness, you were strong. How you made the doctors question their knowledge on how you made it through my pregnancy, through birth, and lived for 11 days. How through you, we were able to share the power of God and the grace of God to , to nurses, and to other hurting families. You, Luke Michael, will always be my brave little boy. My miracle. And apart from Jesus, you will always be my greatest and most wonderful Christmas gift.
Happy birthday, sweet Lukey. You made us so proud.



About Julia

Follower of our sweet Savior, Jesus Christ. Saved by grace. Wife to my dreamy husband, and mommy to our beautiful children.
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